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How to Evolve Feebas in Pokemon Sun and Moon


How to Evolve Feebas in Pokemon Sun and Moon

How to Evolve Feebas – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Getting a Milotic in either Pokemon Sun or Moon will require you evolve a Feebas. This fish, however, can be quite rare, as is the item you’ll need to evolve it.

To get a Feebas, you’ll want to head over to Brooklet Hill and complete its Water Trial, which will award you a Fishing Rod. The fishing spots around this area can yield Feebas, though very rarely. Your chances are better if you’re fishing into a bubbling, special spot, so we recommend zoning in and out of an area to get these to respawn quickly.

Once you have a Feebas, you’ll need a Prism Scale. Since there are no Contests in the Alola region, Feebas won’t be evolving through a beauty stat in Sun and Moon. Instead, it will evolve if traded while holding a Prism Scale. You can grab one of these in Poni Island’s Exeggutor Island area, and they can also sometimes be fished (though very rarely). Some players report fishing these up in the Routes around Tapu Village.

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