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How Fans Helped Shape Final Fantasy XV’s New Moogles


How Fans Helped Shape Final Fantasy XV’s New Moogles

The team heard fan’s requests.

Final Fantasy XV continues many of the traditions that run throughout the series, including the addition of the adorable pom-pom wearing Moogles. Originally, the creatures weren’t going to be featured in the game, but when the dev team took to Twitter to ask fans if they wanted them, the result was a resounding yes.

A new video released by Square Enix , which you can see below, shows the process the dev team went through to include the mascots in the game. Overworld Director Yasuyuki Matsunami starts out by saying, “Since we weren’t going to have Moogles originally, I freaked out a bit when they dropped the news on me. But I realized that Moogles are a fan-favorite, so I focused on finding a way to work them into the game, and ended up making a whole new Moogle.

Different members of the team then talk about how they were involved in making the Moogle. The team had come up with using the little creature as a decoy, and because of that they had to create a Moogle that looked sort of off-putting. They didn’t want players having to watch the adorable little creature get the heck beaten out of it by enemies. Matsunami does feel that players will enjoy this version of the iconic creature though,

“I think you’ll fall in love with the moogle when you see how hard it’s working for you,” he says.

Surprisingly, Square Enix actually crafted the doll before including it in the game, and the Environment Artist Yuki Kaji was responsible for patching it together. She sewed a real version of the Moogle together, using different fabrics and patches, then pleather for its nose. The video ends with a note from the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, on fan input.

“Having a Moogle wasn’t necessarily critical to Final Fantasy XV’s game design, but if our development team only addressed the bare essentials, would we and our fans be truly happy with the game?” Tabata says.

Final Fantasy XV launches on Nov. 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Yesterday, a brand new mobile MMO was announced for the game, in a partnership between Square Enix and Mobile Strike developer, Machine Zone.

What do you think of Final Fantasy XV’s version of the Moogle? Are you happy too see the development team listen to fan feedback and requests? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.



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