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Here’s How Overwatch’s New Symmetra is a Little Broken Right Now


Here’s How Overwatch’s New Symmetra is a Little Broken Right Now

Her barriers are like stars in the sky.

Earlier in the week, Jeff Kaplan and co. launched a new PTR for Overwatch that implements the long-awaited changes to the previously overly-situational Symmetra. Her changes, which include a second ultimate ability, a moving barrier to replace her old shield-giving ability, and longer range on her primary beam attack seem great so far, but she’s definitely going to need more time in the oven before she’s released to the public servers.

Players are already finding a myriad of ways that her new Photon Barrier (which is basically a Reinhardt shield that Symmetra shoots out in any direction) can be exploited or broken completely. Here’s one video by PCBangBros, which displays the shield’s tendency not disappear when thrown far into the sky.

It’s pretty crazy how much the popping of shields eventually affected their game. This is not an entirely realistic scenario (no cooldowns), but it shows a clear problem with the shield’s current collision model with the world.

But what IS a realistic scenario is our next clip, in which Symmetra’s barrier can be teleported up to by Reaper and used to make him a sky-piercing god from above. Check out this video by Aigey.

That last bit was a little too awesome.

Obviously, this is all happening on Blizzard’s test servers for Overwatch, so this is the ideal time to be finding bugs and exploits like these. Here’s hoping Blizzard can iron them all out soon so the new Symmetra can be released for everyone.

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