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Hello Neighbor Story Explained


Hello Neighbor Story Explained

The story of Hello Neighbor.

Story Explained – Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a popular first-person tactical puzzler where you aim to discover what your strange neighbor is hiding in his locked basement.

Since Hello Neighbor is still in its beta testing period, we do not know the full story and all the secrets lying below your neighbor’s house. The beta version begins with you moving to a new house in a new suburb where you find a mysterious neighbor living across the street. You begin to suspect that something strange is going on in your neighbor’s house and head over to see what is going on.

This is where the story changes. As you explore, your foe will learn your tactics, will put up barricades to stop you finding out too much, and will chase you off his property. Your aim is to find the items around the house that allow you to get into the basement. Once you find everything you make your way down the stairs, you will see a mattress and a teddy bear lying on the floor, surrounded by candles. This is where the beta of Hello Neighbor ends. When the full game releases in 2017 we will surely learn more about the secrets below your opponent’s house.

For help with getting to the end of Hello Neighbor, see here.

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