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Hello Neighbor: How to Throw Things


Hello Neighbor: How to Throw Things

How to throw things.

Hello Neighbor is the popular first-person tactical puzzler with a revolutionary mechanic – truly intelligent AI characters. When you move into a new house, you learn that your neighbor isn’t as normal as he first seems. Your aim is to attempt to discover what he is hiding and why his basement is locked shut. He will do anything to stop you and is capable of planning moves, reacting to your own tactics, and learning from your mistakes.

To uncover your neighbor’s secrets, you will need to interact with objects, sneak, and use your wit. Throwing objects can be vital in Hello Neighbor as it allows you to distract your opponent, access areas, and block paths. Some weapons can also be thrown to stop or slow down your mysterious enemy.

In order to throw something, you need to press F to pick up the item you want to use. Afterwards, you need hold the right mouse button and press the left mouse button to then throw the item. It is simple and vital in your quest to learn what is actually happening behind that locked door.

Hello Neighbor is in open-alpha now and you can sign up on the official Hello Neighbor website. It will also be available on Steam in Summer of 2017.

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