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GTA Online Gets Tron-Style Bikes and Battle Arenas


GTA Online Gets Tron-Style Bikes and Battle Arenas

Pretty good driving, huh?

If you thought that the only thing GTA: Online was missing were those neon-emitting futuristic motorbikes from the cult film Tron, then today is your lucky day.

Rockstar has kept the Grand Theft Auto: Online juggernaut chugging with the addition, not only of those futuristic racers – called Nagasaki Shotaro bikes in-game – but of laser grid style battle arenas. It all looks as though it’s arrived fresh from a 1980s vision of the future – see the trailer below:

Pretty cool isn’t it? The selection of different colors available means that everyone in your posse gets their own identity. The new mode showcased in the trailer is called Deadline; in it, players will have to dodge the laser trails of their opponents while wreaking havoc with the pickups that litter the arena. Speed boosts, jumps, and the ability to slow down time all feature, and so there’ll be plenty of variety to the chaos.

The spirit of Rockstar’s pitch-perfect homage to the 1980s lives on in this update, which will have players nostalgic as much as it will have them desperately trying to kill each other atop laser bikes – only Rockstar.

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