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Two Great Nintendo Switch Alternatives You’ve Probably Never Heard of


Two Great Nintendo Switch Alternatives You’ve Probably Never Heard of

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Ever since Nintendo’s mysterious console codenamed the NX was formally announced as the Nintendo Switch last month, the gaming and tech communities have been abuzz with speculation and hype. While we don’t know too much about the device itself (with Nintendo promising more information will come in January), the possibilities of just how powerful the device could be and how accessible its architecture can be are endless. As such, many are excited for Nintendo’s mobile-console hybrid coming to market this March.

But while Nintendo’s ability to marshal third-party support and provide a seamless online experience is unproven as of yet, there are other mobile gaming platforms (both of which also offer console-like functionality) without these problems, and capable of running various operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and Linux, that are available for pre-order now.  These devices can offer gamers a similar mobile-console hybrid experience while simultaneously not limiting gamers to Nintendo’s repertoire, allowing gamers to play any number of PC games (from indie to triple-A titles), as well as give gamers access to any number of multimedia features traditional PCs offer.

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