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Grab Dishonored 2 on Steam with These 20% Off Deals


Grab Dishonored 2 on Steam with These 20% Off Deals

Picking up Dishonored 2 could cost you up to 20% less if you know where to look.

Just hours away from the release of Dishonored 2 and if you’re on the fence about picking it up a few PC gaming retailers will try to lure you in with discounts. While intended for a pre-order only, history tells us they’ll hang around for the release day as well.

All the above retailers are fully authorized by Bethesda, so they’re not coming from the shady grey market and include all the pre-order bonuses that come along with the game. The sites are known to be sending out keys via email instantly, so you can begin pre-loading. In fact you can actually start playing now, as one of the lesser promoted pre-order bonuses was allowing you to start today on November 10.

If you happen to catch these deals before tomorrow’s launch date (or probably even a little after) you’ll be granted pre-order bonuses. These include the Imperial Assassin’ Pack (in-game DLC bonuses) and the Dishonored: Definitive Edition. If you did not play the first Dishonored, or if you skipped buying DLC packs from it, the Definitive Edition is the full game with all DLC and is a $20 purchase on Steam.

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