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5 Gaming Companies to Be Thankful for This Year


5 Gaming Companies to Be Thankful for This Year

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CD Projekt Red

blood and wine

Despite The Witcher 3 being one of last year’s blockbusters, that didn’t stop CD Projekt Red (CDPR) from making waves in 2016 and giving us plenty to be thankful for. The very end of May saw the release of Blood and Wine, the final expansion and the last chapter of our story with Geralt of Rivia. Though we’d already been given a taste of what to expect from CDPR’s expansions thanks to Hearts of Stone’s release in October 2015, Blood and Wine pushed the boat out and offered what could be argued as one of the largest and best expansions of recent years.

Bringing a whole new game world in the form of Toussaint, Blood and Wine offered players a lengthy quest line, a bunch of secondary quests, witcher contracts, treasure hunts, and much more giving us ample reason to explore this fairy-tale world of Toussaint. Its vibrant color scheme was a beautiful contrast to the duller palette we’d grown accustomed to in the main game, and the ending was the perfect way to finish our time with Geralt.

Oh, and then we’ve got the whole standalone Gwent game that got announced at E3 this year. Though it’s not due to release until next year, the announcement itself and the closed beta has been enough for them to have fans suitably hyped.

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