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Free Lost Odyssey on Xbox One Promotion Leaks Out Early

Lost Odyssey

Free Lost Odyssey on Xbox One Promotion Leaks Out Early

Was “a test that slipped out.”

A promotion leaked Thursday night where Xbox One users could grab a free, digital copy of Lost Odyssey by downloading a free Xbox avatar t-shirt. Some users who already owned the physical copy of the Japanese RPG reported on Reddit that it still required the disc to play, but Major Nelson cleared up the confusion behind the free offer.

“This was a test that slipped out. There are no plans right now for it to go live,” he said in the Xbox One subreddit thread.

The avatar t-shirt is still available to download, in men’s and women’s sizes, but the free game does not get added to your download queue or appear in your games library. Major Nelson noted this was a test that accidentally went live with no plans “right now,” so this promotion could reappear in the near future. The first anniversary of backwards compatibility for Xbox One has already passed, when it became available to all users on Nov. 12 last year.

Lost Odyssey became backwards compatible with the Xbox One last September, though it is currently not available for purchase in the Xbox Store. The only way to play the game right now would be to own the physical Xbox 360 disc.


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