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Final Fantasy XV: Where to Get New Outfits


Final Fantasy XV: Where to Get New Outfits

Where to Get Outfits – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV offers up a bit of character customization in the form of outfits. When the game begins, you will only have access to two different sets of clothing, your Prince’s Fatigues and a Casual Outfit, both of which give you an option without a jacket. These will be all you get for a very long time. As you progress through the story you will unlock a few more pieces to switch between, each with different perks.

The two outfits we’ve unlocked so far are as follows:

Kingly Raiment

Given to you when you reach Chapter 14.

Standard – Defends against physical attacks while also increasing spirit.

No Jacket – Allows Noctis to move freely while also recovering HP and MP much faster.

Thermal Suit

After completing the mission “A Precious Source of Power” in Lestallum, you can return to the outside of the power plant to find Holly, who will have quests for you. On a bench right next to her is where you’ll find a set of Thermal Suit outfits for your entire team.

Standard – Increases health while also protecting from fire.

Royal Raiment

DLC that is part of the Day One, Collector’s, and Deluxe Editions of Final Fantasy XV.

Standard – Increases HP and MP, while also allowing for faster MP recovery.

No Jacket – Allows you to run without ever getting tired, while also increasing the power of your magic.

As far as buying outfits goes, we have yet to see a single store selling any clothing, and we’ve traveled all of Eos. Hopefully there will be plenty more outfits in future expansions for Noctis, Gladio, Iggy, and Prompto to don as they fight against the Niflheim Empire. We’ll keep updating this page should any more arise.

For more on Final Fantasy XV, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.


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