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Final Fantasy XV: Is There Multiplayer Co-Op in the Game?


Final Fantasy XV: Is There Multiplayer Co-Op in the Game?

Buds being buds.

Shortly before Final Fantasy XV’s release, it was announced by Square Enix that the game would receive four player co-op by way of DLC, officially dubbed “Comrades.” It makes sense, given that Noctis, Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto are pretty much always together during the course of the game. The only question now is when can we expect to see it?

Unfortunately, that feature is a little ways off. Before we can get to the cooperative goodness, Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto will be getting pieces of episodic DLC devoted to them and them alone. Once those have wrapped, the Comrades mode will come, but Square Enix hasn’t yet given a timeframe on when to expect the character DLC, let alone co-op play. (They haven’t even said what to expect from it.) So it’ll be a while before you can play Final Fantasy XV with some buddies. While it’ll be covered under the season pass, you’ll be free to buy it separately from the character episodes if you so choose. A price point hasn’t been announced yet. For now, you’ll just have to play as Noctis and listen to the three NPCs banter back and forth.

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