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Final Fantasy XV: Search and Rescue Side Quest Walkthrough


Final Fantasy XV: Search and Rescue Side Quest Walkthrough

Search and Rescue – Final Fantasy XV

Search and Rescue is a side quest that players can find in the first chapter of Final Fantasy XV. It’s actually quite easy to miss, however, if you don’t drive by a specific area.

The quest essentially tasks you with hearing the shouts of an NPC and you having to — yep, you guessed it — find and rescue them.

For this quest, you’ll want to head to the intersection of the yellow and green roads up by The Three Valleys and to the West of Hammerhead. It’s also just to the east of the most northern of the three hills on the map. Here, you should find a guy propped up against some rocks by the road. He’s around the other side, so be sure to give the area a thorough search. You should be able to hear his shouts, but some players have reported that he doesn’t make any noise at all, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Once you find him, all you have to do is hand him a Potion from your Inventory and the quest will be completed. You’ll be awarded some experience points and Gil for your kind gesture.

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