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This Final Fantasy XV Side Quest Is Basically an Interactive Cup Noodles Commercial


This Final Fantasy XV Side Quest Is Basically an Interactive Cup Noodles Commercial

A delicious sidequest.

Spoiler warning: There are spoilers for one of Final Fantasy XV’s sidequests in this article. No story spoilers, just a sidequest. So if you want to find the quest on your own, don’t read any further.  

Final Fantasy XV has some absolutely delicious looking food, almost better than anything we can eat here in the real world. There’s also a few interesting pieces of product placement, like how the party uses Coleman camping gear every time they make camp. But those chairs don’t hold a candle to the real star of FFXV, Cup Noodles.

Everyone’s favorite quick and easy treat appears once you reach the city of Lestallum, and believe it or not, there’s even a quest to go along with it. When you reach Lestallum you’ll spot a Cup Noodles truck on the street, and Gladio seems really interested in checking it out.

Turns out he’s an enormous Cup Noodles fan, and decides to basically give a speech about why they’re the greatest thing in the world. Hopefully he eats something more than just Cup Noodles every day.

cup noodle Final Fantasy XV

Gladio is apparently determined to make the ultimate Cup Noodles, and asks what Noctis would want in his serving. From here you’re presented with a dialogue choice, and then you’re set out to slay a beast and get the meat needed to make this ultimate dish. After a long day of Cup Noodles hunting, you make camp and the party settles in for a delicious meal.

This whole quest rewards you with a special Cup Noodles recipe for cooking, which boosts attack by 80, HP by 500, and XP by 20 percent. Even better than that though, Gladio gets a bonus to all these boosts just because of his undying love of Cup Noodles.

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