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Final Fantasy XV: How to Increase Finesse Rank


Final Fantasy XV: How to Increase Finesse Rank

Finesse Rank – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV has been released to the public and that means there are plenty of battles to be had. After a battle you might notice there is a finesse rank assigned to you after. It might seem hard to get it higher than a D at first, but here are some easy tips to help you increase it.

While it might seem better to warp kill everything you see, you should actually work on running around and trying different combos in order to raise your finesse rank. This doesn’t mean you have to try every single weapon in one battle, but it would be best to perform a string of combos over an easy kill and let the battle draw out a bit.

Do keep in mind you have several allies who can help you and that you can do combos with, so make sure to use that whenever you can because this will help get your finesse rank up. A warp kill will help you finish a battle quickly, and is probably best if you’re just speeding through the storyline. However, if you do have the time then try out different things and run around in battle to see what might happen. You might be surprised to find new techniques that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

If you’re interested in more tips, tricks or information about Final Fantasy then make sure to check out our wiki.

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