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Final Fantasy XV: How to Unlock New Music To Listen To


Final Fantasy XV: How to Unlock New Music To Listen To

Listen to better stuff.

Unlocking New Music – Final Fantasy XV

As you’re cruising around in the Regalia, Noctis and his friends can listen to classic music tracks from past entries in the Final Fantasy series. When you first start off the game, you’ll only have access to tracks from Brotherhood, Kingsglaive, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy XIII. It’s a pretty poor selection of music. However, you’ll be able to unlock even more tracks by either finding key items scattered around the world, or purchasing them from vendors.

Whenever you arrive at a new outpost, be sure to check in with the local merchant or storekeeper and see what key items they have for sale. You’ll be looking for ‘Memory’ items if you want to expand your selection of music. For instance, the Memory of FFX key item will unlock select tracks from the original Final Fantasy X soundtrack. Once you’ve purchased the key item, simply head back to your car and scroll through your available tracks. The music will be automatically added to your selection. Finally, you won’t have to keep listening to the VII and XIII soundtracks on repeat anymore.

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