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Final Fantasy XV: How to Recover Magic Points


Final Fantasy XV: How to Recover Magic Points

Recovering MP – Final Fantasy XV

MP, or magic points, are a valuable resource for Noctis in battle, as it lets you dodge enemy attacks and use your warp ability. Because of this, your MP will be something constantly in use, and it’s important for you to know how to recover it. If you do extend all of it, you’ll enter what’s called “MP Burst,” which will prohibit you from warping and using some abilities, although you can still dodge. You will have access to certain items like Ethers that can restore your Magic Points, but the primary way will be by either warping to a high point or taking cover.

In Final Fantasy XV, certain areas like towers and high cliffs will be marked with a warp point and a triangle button icon. If you have one of these points in your view, you can hold down the triangle button, and you’ll warp up to that point ending up with Noctis hanging by his weapons. While your’e hanging you’ll recover MP incredibly quickly, while also recovering health. You can’t just hang out up there forever though, as eventually Noctis will fall and could end up taking damage.

Another option is to find a rock or obstacle Noctis can take cover behind. Walking up to certain objects, you’ll see the square button appear on the screen, and if you hold it down, Noctis will crouch and take cover. This way you’ll also recover both MP and HP.

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