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Final Fantasy XV: How to Lock On to Enemies


Final Fantasy XV: How to Lock On to Enemies

Toggle between a hard and soft lock.

Final Fantasy XV – Locking On

The lock-on system in Final Fantasy XV might be a little different from what you’re normally used to. By default, the game will give you a soft target lock on whichever enemy is closest to you. If you hit the attack button, Noctis will aim for that enemy, but you’ll still have full control over camera movement, and the camera will not focus on that specific target.

However, if you hold down the lock-on button (R1 on PS4, RB on Xbox One), it becomes a hard lock on the target. By holding down the button, the camera will now focus on your target, and follow the enemy’s movements as you run around the field or away from it. While it’s not advisable to use the hard lock when facing a large group of enemies, it is highly recommended that you do so if you’re up against one or two foes. By holding down the button, you’ll now be able to unleash your attacks and combos without having to worry about controlling the camera to see what your enemy is up to. If you do need to break away quickly, just release the target lock button and you’ll have free reign over the camera movement again.

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