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Final Fantasy XV: How to Fish


Final Fantasy XV: How to Fish

Cast your line.

Fish – Final Fantasy XV

Besides having a huge, open world and epic story, Final Fantasy XV has a ton of side activities and quest you can undertake. One of those activities is fishing, and it just happens to be Noctis’ favorite pastime. There are locations for you to fish scattered all across the world of Eos, and landing catches will boost Noctis’ fishing level allowing him to be even better at it.

The first place where you’ll encounter a fishing area is when you drive to Galdin Quay to catch a ferry. If you head to the right of the main area, you’ll see a dock with a little shop hut. This is basically what every fishing area will look like in the game. To fish, you’ll need both fishing line and a lure to use, which can be bought at the shop.

There are quite a few options here, particularly with lure which work with specific types of fish. There’s always a sign outside of each fishing area, though, that’ll tell you which types of fish are biting and in turn which lure you should use. Luckily, the supplies are fairly cheap, and later on you’ll even have access to better rods and reels.

Now that you have your supplies ready, head to the end of the dock and hit X where the fishing icon is. Noctis will materialize his fishing rod, and you’ll see a marker appear over the water where you’ll be casting your line. The trick here is to look at your minimap on the top right of the screen, and find where the little yellow dots are. Use the map and find a spot where the marker turns yellow, and you’ll be good to cast your line there.

Now you need to use R2 and X to reel your line in slowly and temp a fish. Once it has taken the line, then the struggle starts. Hold R2 to reel it in, but watch the icon that shows the tension on the line. When it flashes red, you need to stop reeling it in and hold the left direction stick whichever way is indicated. Alternate between reeling it in and giving the line slack, and you’ll have that fish in no time.

There are plenty of places to fish in the world and it’s a fun distraction. Some fish that you catch can also work in Ignis’ cooking dishes, granting your party special boosts when eaten, so make sure to get out there and cast your line every once in a while.

For more guides, tips, and help on Final Fantasy XV make sure to check back with Twinfinite’s wiki!

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