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Final Fantasy XV: All Summon Requirements


Final Fantasy XV: All Summon Requirements

Summons – Final Fantasy XV

As you play through Final Fantasy XV you’ll encounter and earn the support of “The Six,” god-like Astrals who serve as this entry’s summons. Unlike previous games, you don’t have complete control over these beings. Instead, they will offer Noctis and his friends their assistance when they feel it is necessary, which isn’t very often.

While their spawn rates are pretty random, there are some ways you can determine which of the summons will appear on the chance that they actually show up when you need them. It turns out that they have hidden requirements:

Titan – This stony behemoth is most likely to appear in the Cauthess region, which is near where you first encounter him inside the Disc. He can still appear in other places though, just not as often. He tends to appear when one of your allies has been incapacitated, meaning their health has been completely drained. When this happens, you may luck out and see the summon prompt (L2/LT) appear at the bottom of your screen.

Ramuh – Ramuh, the Fulgurian, is the second of the Astrals you’ll encounter in Final Fantasy XV, extending your list of summons to use out in the world. This electrifying deity has a tendency to appear if a fight has been going on for far too long. If you find yourself locked in the same battle for over five minutes, there is a higher chance of him coming to your aid.

Leviathan – The Hydraean is the water Astral that you’ll unlock after reaching Altissia. This powerful, dragon-like spirit drowns the world around it after Noctis leaps up and clings to its side. It tends to appear when Noctis himself is at risk of dying.

Shiva – You receive the Mark of the Glacian fairly late in Final Fantasy XV, but it grants you the support of Shiva, the Astral of ice. She is possibly the most random of all the summons available in the game, as she can appear if any of the above summon requirements are met.

So far, it doesn’t seem as if the other members of “The Six,” Bahamut and Ifrit, are usable while playing freely, but you will encounter both as part of the story. Hopefully they, along with others, will be added into the lineup in the upcoming expansions.

For more on Final Fantasy XV make sure to keep it locked to Twinfinite.

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