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Final Fantasy XV: Can You Play as Other Party Members?


Final Fantasy XV: Can You Play as Other Party Members?

Playing as Other Party Members – Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV places players on an epic road trip as Noctis is joined by his guards, who happen to be his closest friends as well. With them being so close and the combat being very action-oriented, many fans were wondering if they’d get the chance to play as either Prompto, Gladiolus, or Ignis themselves. Unfortunately, as far as the base game goes, you can’t.

Ignis drives the car when you don’t want to drive, but you don’t control him. Prompto is a photographer, but he chooses all his shots. And Gladiolus is basically your party’s tank. The closest you get to controlling any of party members is when you tell them to use their special ability in battle. They’ll drop what they’re doing and instantly start their attack, allowing you to combo into it. You can also have them use restorative items such as Potions and Elixirs.

You will, however, be able to take control of Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis in their own respective DLC episodes after the game’s release, as well as in a co-op expansion set to close out Final Fantasy XV’s expansion content. But for now, it’s just Noctis and his magical swords.

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