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EA to Release “One of Our Bigger Games” for the Nintendo Switch

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EA to Release “One of Our Bigger Games” for the Nintendo Switch

Blake Jorgensen teases EA’s support

Blake Jorgensen, the CFO of Electronic Arts, has voiced support for Nintendo’s new Switch console, due out in March 2017.

Speaking at the UBS Global Technology Conference in San Francisco, Jorgensen spoke to Gamespot, saying:

“In terms of Nintendo, in their announcement they announced that we’ll be supporting with a game or two on that new platform. We haven’t yet announced what game, but you should assume that it’s one of our bigger games we’ve been involved with.”

EA’s support will be a valuable asset in the launch of a console that needs as much third-party support as necessary. On the topic of the Switch’s future success, Jorgensen was balanced and non-committal, voicing concern over whether users will valuable a portable device that doubles as a home console:

“We’re excited for Nintendo, it’s an interesting device, but I can’t yet predict how broad it’s going to be, and will people be interested in a portable device alongside their regular portable device that they have.”

A potential blow was struck when rumors that the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would not be launching alongside the Switch had surface, and so EA’s presence will be a welcome one indeed.

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