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Dragon Ball Super Ep. 68 Review

dragon ball super, 68

Dragon Ball Super Ep. 68 Review

Will a mighty warrior return to power?

Dragon Ball Super Ep. 68 Review – “Come Forth Shenron, Whose Wish Will Be Granted?”

Dragon Ball Super has taken the anime world, along with the hearts of Dragon Ball fans, by storm with its alternate take on the post Buu Arc events. For the past few months, a dark tale revolving around a bleak future — and one of the deadliest enemies that everyone’s favorite alien warriors have ever faced — has placed a dark cloud above the beloved series. There was much more death and destruction, as well as pure evil, than most fans expected, and it added a welcome darkness to the series. However, what is the Dragon Ball franchise without a bit of humor?

The Future Trunks Arc came to an end after insane action and terrifying foes, so it’s time for some filler material. Usually fillers are just humorous reprieves as we wait for the serious stuff to return, but Dragon Ball Super Ep. 68 had some interesting turns of events that will have fans excited for what may come.

Ep. 68 revolved around the summoning of Shenron, the great dragon who grants wishes for whoever manages to collect all seven Dragon Balls. Pilaf and his cohorts discover Goku enacting the summon and try to steal a wish. However, Gohan appears with a sick Pan in his arms, desperate to make her well. The recently mild-mannered Gohan shows his first signs of aggression and power as he sends Pilaf flying into the horizon. This came as a shock since he’s been so weak throughout the series thus far, even sitting out the major conflict between his friends and Goku Black.

For those not in the know, Gohan is considered one of the most, if not the most, powerful characters on the good guys’ side, so seeing him finally do something may lead to his return to the front lines. This seems to coincide with other clues that have been sprinkled throughout the recent season, including the ending to the Future Trunks Arc, where Trunks sees a powerful Gohan in the future before parting ways with the current day warriors. There’s no telling when this may happen though, as there are surely more filler episodes in store for Dragon Ball Super.

Outside of the possible Gohan clue in Ep. 68, there were plenty of laughs to be had as Shenron struggled with dealing with Goku and Bulma’s negotiation over who gets the final wish. Thanks to Beerus and Whis being planetside, the ever-looming threat of the God of Destruction’s wrath allows fans to see what an extremely nervous eternal dragon looks like. The episode is full of lighthearted laughs that don’t push the plot an further, which is totally fine in this scenario. Some fans, present party included, are still reeling from everything that has come to pass. We can wait awhile before the next evil comes to destroy our lovely planet.

All in all, this was a great episode that continues to show just how refreshing Dragon Ball Super is. An amazing arc that was epically closed with a brutal fight, followed by the humor that has turned millions into fans, marks this series as a worthy successor to all that came before it. It will be interesting to see how the other fillers or handled, and whether or not more clues about a certain Saiyan’s first born son will be shared.

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