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Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Save Your Game


Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Save Your Game

Save – Dragon Ball Fusions

Dragon Ball Fusion is an RPG that will have you fighting, recruiting, collecting, and exploring quite a bit as you partake in a huge fighting tournament. With that being said, you’ll want to make sure that every fight and every single thing you happen to collect is saved so you don’t lose your progress. Dragon Ball Fusions does not have an auto-save, though. You will have to head to a safe location (marked by a blue door on your map) in order to save.

Once you’re in there, pause the game by hitting Start, then scroll down to the “Save” option where you’ll have four choices to make:

  • Save and Continue – Saves your progress and continues the game.
  • Save and Quit – Saves your progress then returns you to the main menu.
  • Quit Without Saving – Takes you straight to the main menu.
  • Continue Advent. Mode – Takes you back to the game without saving.

Make sure to find a safe location often as it will heal your warrior and your teammates. There are some tough fights ahead of you, so you’ll want to be in tip-top shape for whatever may happen.

Good luck out there in the tournament!

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