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Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Fast Travel


Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Fast Travel

Fast Travel – Dragon Ball Fusions

As you progress through Dragon Ball Fusions, you’ll find yourself exploring many new areas that you may want to revisit from time to time. While flying quickly is possible, it isn’t as fast as one might think when you’re attempting to go really far. Thankfully there is a way to fast travel that you unlock fairly early on in the game. It’s a mechanic called warping, and it’s very easy to use.

After completing the Story Event “Find Another Ally!” you’ll be told about Warping by Trunks as he suggests it as a much easier way of returning to the Capsule Corporation in order to talk to his mother, Bulma. From there you’re able to press Start (to pause the game) and and select Warp (found right under Spec. Move List) in order to fast travel to any already visited location.

When you start the game, you’ll only have access to Capsule Corporation in the beginning, but that alone is still useful. You heal at the safe locations you can travel to, so being able to avoid any wandering NPCs who may want to pick a fight is definitely of use. Also, it will cut down on your overall travel time by a ton.

That’s all there is to it. Keep it locked to Twinfinite for more Dragon Ball Fusions guides.

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