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Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Block Effectively


Dragon Ball Fusions: How to Block Effectively

Block – Dragon Ball Fusions

Although Dragon Ball Fusions is a turn-based RPG, you’re not just going to be choosing attacks and targets from a menu. Thanks to the nature of Dragon Ball combat, you’ll find yourself positioning your heroes and pulling off combos in order to get the edge in combat. Your enemies will be utilizing the same strategies as well, and they can dish out a ton of damage if need be. To help yourself survive you will need to block, which is a very tricky mechanic in Dragon Ball Fusions.

Being on the receiving end of melee attacks and certain Special Moves will trigger a prompt where a circle appears in the middle of your screen. You have to use the thumbstick to choose a direction and press A. What you are actually choosing is in which direction you will be blocking. The red arrow you see is where the enemy is attacking. It’s pretty much a guessing game of where the enemy will strike from. If you predict correctly, you will drastically reduce the incoming damage.

Some tips to help you make a decision quickly (you only have a few seconds to do so):

  • Are you by an Edge? Try to block the opposite direction from the edge, that way if they’re trying to push you you have a chance to stay on.
  • Are any of your teammates nearby? If so, block in the opposite direction of them, just in case your enemy is trying to play pinball with you and your team.
  • Always block in the opposite direction of any major threats. Even if you’re wrong, you can at least protect against huge damage-dealing chains.

It will take some getting used to, and you will get frustrated at times, but keep on attempting to block. It’s well worth the effort as it can often turn the tables in your favor if you get one good block and have an enemy in a vulnerable position.

Make sure to check back with Twinfinite for more guides and tips on Dragon Ball Fusions.

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