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Dragon Ball Fusions: How Get and Learn Special Moves


Dragon Ball Fusions: How Get and Learn Special Moves

Special Moves – Dragon Ball Fusions

Special Moves are your super attacks in Dragon Ball Fusions. These range from different signature moves, such as the Kamehameha, to huge combos. To use them, you’ll need to charge up Ki Orbs while fighting (either by dealing or receiving damage). They tend to do massive amounts of damage and are a perfect way to get the edge in battle.

In order to get these moves, you’re going to have to purchase them or defeat opponents by knocking them out of the ring. Getting a ring out will give you one or two moves for each character that you knock out of the ring. It can be tricky to pull off at times, and you will not get many good Special Moves early on in the game, but it’s the fastest way to start gathering some.

You won’t be able to purchase any until you’ve progressed in the game. Once you do unlock the ability to do so, it will cost you Energy, which is the same resource that is required to break Barriers in Dragon Ball Fusions’ world. Each color will act as currency as well, so make sure you constantly gather some up while out and about.

To learn these Special Moves, you can either assign them as soon as you obtain them or you can store them for later. The number moves that each character can learn increases as you level them up, so don’t feel disheartened when you see you can’t utilize most of the skills you’ve collected early on. Just keep fighting, and eventually they’ll be of use.

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