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Doctor Strange’s Credits Scenes, Summarized and Explained


Doctor Strange’s Credits Scenes, Summarized and Explained

Strange things are afoot.

As has become custom for Marvel movies, Doctor Strange comes with two post-credits scenes that foreshadow upcoming events. We will break these down for you, and provide you with an in-depth analysis on how these can affect Doctor Strange as well as the entire MCU.

In the first post-credits scene which pops up less than three minutes after the credits start rolling, we get to see a brief, more comedic interaction akin to the post-credits scene from Iron Man 3.

Here, Doctor Strange welcomes a well-known Avenger into his Sanctum, which is located at 177A Bleecker Street. This is none other than the godlike Thor, called forward by Stephen Strange to inform about his brother, Loki.

According to Strange, Loki is back in New York, with Thor claiming they’re looking for their lost father, Odin. A few innocently quirky answers and a magically refilling glass of beer later, Strange asks if the two would return to their home world of Asgard as soon as their father is found, even going as far as to offer Thor his help on the matter.


This could mean that, besides Bruce Banner’s Hulk, we might be seeing Doctor Strange teaming up with the God of Thunder in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. There’s no doubt about it that Strange will play a large role in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity Wars, but the thought of seeing him in Thor’s third standalone film is quite exciting indeed.

The second and final post-credits sequence grants us another glimpse at Mordo, who was last seen in the movie parting ways with Stephen Strange after the unfair use of magic surrounding him was no longer deemed tolerable.

In this clip, we see the rogue sorcerer tracking down Pangborn, who played a major role in leading Stephen Strange to Kamar-Taj to commence his training. It was later revealed that Pangborn can walk despite his spinal injury by using magic, which is something Mordo doesn’t approve of.

Mordo proceeds to drain Pangborn’s powers, leaving the poor soul paralyzed once more. This causes Mordo to find his true calling, inevitably turning him into the iconic comic book villain fans of Doctor Strange have known him to be.


How Mordo’s evil persona will fit within the MCU remains unclear, but it’s likely that his turn to the villainous side will play a bigger role in a possible Doctor Strange sequel. Mordo is one of the Sorcerer Supreme’s best-known villains, meaning there’s a lot to delve into here.

Doctor Strange is currently in theaters, and if you’re a comic book fanatic, we most definitely recommend you check it out.

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