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Dishonored 2 Jindosh Riddle Solution Guide


Dishonored 2 Jindosh Riddle Solution Guide

Jindosh Riddle Solution – Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2’s Jindosh Riddle is one of the trickier puzzles you’ll find. Located in the Dust District of Chapter 6, the riddle hails from the inventor of Karnaca and is rumored to be uncrackable. While it’s definitely possible to figure out the requested heirloom owners, the solution varies with each playthrough. Sadly, we can’t provide you with a straight answer as to who owned what heirloom, but we will walk you through how to find your own solution.

First off, you’re going to want to head to this chart. It’s the typical tool used to solve logicals, AKA those logic problems where you need to sort out multiple things carrying multiple attributes. We’ve already inputted all of the variables for you.

The next step is to proceed through the Jindosh Riddle, line by line, filling in the chart as you go. Here are a few examples:

Lady Winslow wore a jaunty red hat.

Fairly simple here. On our chart, we’ll find the box intersecting the Lady Winslow column and Red row. In that box, right click to denote that Red is Lady Winslow’s color. As you do this, you’ll see the chart fill in “No” for the rest of the Red row, and “No” for the rest of Lady Winslow’s color options.

Countess Contee was at the far left, next to the guest wearing a white jacket.

So we can mark Countess Contee as a Yes for Far Left, and a No (left click) for White. We can also mark the Left position as White, since this is the only place “next” to the Countess.

The lady in purple sat left of someone in green.

From this, we know that Purple is not sitting in the Far Right position, and Green is not sitting in the Far Left position.

Pay close attention to each line of the riddle, eking out these logic facts. Statements can not only confirm an attribute, but invalidate one. For instance, if the lady from Karnaca scoffed at someone’s Diamond, we know the Diamond owner is not from Karnaca. These may not seem very helpful in finding heirloom owners, but collectively, you will wind up with a much-filled chart.

Eventually you will likely reach a point where you can no longer fill in any more boxes on your chart based on the story, though you will still be left with some vital blanks. What helps figure these missing bits out will be a second chart. On paper, set up 5 columns for the 5 sitting positions. Under each, list out what you know of that position – who is sitting there, what they are drinking, what color they are wearing, etc. After this, run through the riddle again, referencing this chart. The second half of the story contains a lot of positional-related clues, and imagining them on this new chart can be an easy way to put to rest some remaining unknowns. In other words, you’ll know enough about nearby positions to know who is being referenced in all of these “next to” lines.

Running through Jindosh Riddle variations a few times, this often tends to be the key, final riddle:

Someone else carried a valuable [War Medal] and when she saw it, the visitor from [Baleton] next to her almost spilled her neighbor’s [rum].

Using your second chart, you should be able to follow along who logically is able to be these people.

Side tip: many times, the person whose drink was almost spilled was the same person who carried the heirloom.

Fill in your first chart with any remaining knowledge after this, and you should complete it, and know who owned what heirloom at last (as well as every other fact about these ladies). If you run into any issues, keep running through the Jindosh Riddle again, really trying to see what could be an important clue. If you come to a final solution that doesn’t work, read through the riddle with what you know, and see at what points a fact in the story doesn’t align with your chart.

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