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Dishonored 2: How to Get the Morbid Theft Trophy / Achievement


Dishonored 2: How to Get the Morbid Theft Trophy / Achievement

Steal a corpse for science!

Morbid Theft Trophy / Achievement – Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is here, and we’re being flung back into the void as Emily (or Corvo, if you’re so inclined). This time the action takes place in Karnaca, the jewel of the south, as you aim to claim back your throne and take revenge against the usurping Delilah Copperspoon.

One of the first side quests you will come across in the game occurs in the second mission, during your first venture into the streets of Karnaca. It’s super fun, and you can nab an achievement for your troubles. In ‘Edge Of The World’ you start out on a dock in a neutral zone. What you want to do is go towards the inner hub and find the bloodfly infested building. If you take a left when you’re facing the window (don’t actually go in there) you will find a grated fence and a woman will call out to you, saying that she can help you.

This is Mindy Blanchard, a member of the howlers who gives Emily/Corvo the quest. She tells you that she’s going to help you on your way to the Addermire institute IF (and it’s a big if) you can get her the body of a captive being interrogated by the Overseers. Once you’ve triggered the quest the marker will be on your hud, but you basically have to go up into the Overseer’s office area in the center of the hostile zone and find and take the body of the guy they’re holding prisoner. Once you’ve grabbed it, all you have to do is take it to an underground location close to the office, and hand over the body to Mindy so she can bury it. The Morbid Theft trophy or achievement is all yours now.

For your trial, you’ll be rewarded with a fancy achievement, and Mindy will turn off the electricity for the rail system which covers the city, meaning you can walk your way to Addermire completely unscathed. Pretty neat, right?

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