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Dishonored 2: Should You Choose the Mark of the Outsider?


Dishonored 2: Should You Choose the Mark of the Outsider?

Mark of the Outsider – Dishonored 2

The mark of the outsider is incredibly important in the world of Dishonored and things don’t change when it comes to Dishonored 2. The mark of the outsider isn’t just a cool body modification, it gives the bearer access and resistance to a variety of different supernatural abilities.

Therefore, whether you choose to accept of refuse the mark during the opening stages of the game comes down entirely to whether you want to have the use of said supernatural abilities during your playthrough. If you choose to refuse the mark, you won’t get another chance later on in the game to change your mind. You’ll have to stick with your decision until the end.

These supernatural abilities can be incredibly helpful whether you’re trying for a high or low-chaos run. Therefore, unless you’re really wanting to put yourself to the test then we’d suggest accepting the Mark of the Outsider when you’re offered it. Even if you decide you don’t like using the abilities that come as part of the mark, you can always just choose not to use them at all. But hey, at least you’ll have them to get yourself out of a really tricky situation.

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