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Dishonored 2: Chapter 7 – A Crack in the Slab Walkthrough Guide


Dishonored 2: Chapter 7 – A Crack in the Slab Walkthrough Guide

Let’s do the Time Warp!

Chapter 7 Walkthrough – Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is full of unique and interesting locations, but chapter 7 has to be the most difficult and complex by far. The quirk this time around is that the Armis Stilton Manor takes place both in the present and the past. You will need to time jump between both locations via a new device called a “Timepiece,” which the Outsider will gift you. Finally, the last trick in this chapter’s bag of tricks is that all of your powers will be inactive during this, meaning you will need to rely on your gear and skill alone.

To start this mission, head up the stairs into the manor then continue to proceed up the middle staircase. Once you are at the top, hang a left and head down the hallway until you reach a room where the floor has rotted away. Jump down and speak to Aramis to trigger a cutscene, which will end with you getting the time piece. Now you can bounce between time periods or use the glass to peak into the past/present.

Move to the main door and get as close as you can to the middle of it before activating your time piece to send you into the past. Switch back to the present and use the glass to track the guards patrolling the lower floor. Move all the way to the end of the hallway and you should have the door blocked off by a sofa and some rubble. Use the glass to switch to the past so you can open the door. Quickly swap back to the present so the three men in the dining room don’t notice you.

Go to your right into the side room and enter the blasted open safe, making sure to switch to the past once you’re inside. Cut down the statue hanging from some scaffolding and then go back to the present, which will now have the hole in the wall free to enter. Explore the room and then switch back to the present once you reach the locked door and pile of rubble in the right hand corner. Move underneath the desk and activate the timepiece, putting you underneath the covered rubble.

Now quickly switch back to the past before the Bloodflies attack and throw the dead dog into the furnace. Doing this will negate the Bloodflies all together and allow you access to the safe. Switch to the present and head to your right through the open door and down the hall. The next room will be tricky depending on your playthrough, as there can be a stupid number of Bloodfly nests in this area. Eliminate the two dogs in the courtyard and head up the mountain of sand.

Hop over the wall and deal with the Bloodfly nest in the center by either using Incendiary Bolts or just your trusty sword. Once they are finished, climb up onto the mound and use the Timepiece’s lens to position yourself behind the guard. Warp into the past and quickly turn around to unlock the door and enter the Back Courtyard.

When you enter head right and do not warp back to the present because you will literally be placed in the middle of a few Bloodfly nests. Go right down the hall until you can hop a railing and walk along some scaffolding. Switch back to the present and either sleep dart the dogs in the courtyard or kill them before proceeding.

You are going to see a middle platform with some Bloodflies on it, so make sure to kill them with an Incendiary Bolt so you don’t risk falling off. Once they are dead, hop onto the scaffolding directly behind the gazebo and then jump down so you are positioned directly against the back railing. Wait until both the guards and Aramis have their back to you so you can quickly warp and grab his journal on the table. Swap immediately back to the present and head to his study via the lower back door.

Switch to the present so you can pass through and reenter the manor via the large pool room. Now this is where chapter 7 gets tough; on your right there are several guards patrolling, however this is also a huge Bloodfly area. If you are going through High Chaos, just deal with the guards quickly, while Low Chaos players get to have fun with the angry insects. Follow your waypoint to Aramis’s study back on the second floor of the manor.

Look through your journal for the code and quickly input it in the past so the doors will open. Once this happens slip inside and shut them behind you before anyone notices. Your timepiece won’t work here so just follow the hall and enjoy the cutscenes that play out and expand Dishonored 2’s story. Once it’s finished you can head out of the manor via the present and go back to the skiff.

Here are some general tips for Dishonored 2’s trickiest level:

  • Always use your Timepiece’s lens to peak into the past/present.
  • Hot key your Timepiece right away.
  • Make sure to check your surroundings between both time lines before you warp.
  • If guards are alerted just jump time periods. They will lose track of you and you’ll be safe.
  • Be wary of the infected Bloodfly humans in the present. They are way tougher than normal enemies so approach with caution.

Follow this guide and you will have no problem navigating this twisting maze of chapter 7. Just make sure to bring some bug spray with you before venturing out into the world of Dishonored 2. Make sure to visit our ever-expanding Dishonored 2 wiki for all your tips, tricks, guides, and trophy and achievement walkthroughs.

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