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Dishonored 2: How to Get Black Market Burglar Achievement & Trophy


Dishonored 2: How to Get Black Market Burglar Achievement & Trophy

Breaking and entering.

The black markets in Dishonored 2 are the main source for where players will acquire supplies, gear, and upgrades to their equipment. These various underground stores are scattered about the city of Karnaca and are usually quite hard to break into by normal means. However, if you want the Black Market Burglar trophy you will have to rob one of these merchants and take their gear. This can be accomplished across a multitude of levels, but we found that the Chapter 8’s black market is not only the easiest but the most rewarding in terms of loot.

Once you load up Chapter 8, follow the path until you come across two sailors by a boat discussing where their captain went off to. You will learn that she went ahead to make a deal with the black market merchant for her cargo. Head north from this position, past the barricade, and through a few unoccupied buildings until you reach an open courtyard. If you are having trouble try to follow the sound of music as a band will be playing in the courtyard for a few people around them.

To the left of the courtyard, the black market will be located, so go onto its roof and follow it to the other side. Soon you will see a woman yelling at a door about a passcode she forgot on a boat. Wait until their dialogue exchange is finished and hop down behind the woman outside, knock her out, and take the boat key. Now go back to the area where the two sailors and their ship was, using the key you’ve just acquired to break into the back of the boat. Collect the gear on the table and then listen to the audiograph for the passcode to be let in the back door.

Head back to the black market and knock on its back door, which will cause the merchant to ask for the pass-phrase. Give it to him and the door should be unlocked for you. Go into the stealth mode and quietly slip behind the arms dealer so you can knock him out or kill him. Once this is done, the trophy should pop and you can now raid one of Dishonored 2’s infamous stores. Just remember, once you rob a store in Dishonored 2 you cannot come back to it for upgrades or to buy gear, so make sure it’s the last thing you do before you leave an area. This is the best way to get this trophy or achievement for those looking to go a non-lethal route as one pretty much guarantees you kill the vendor in the process.

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