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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Beat Aksis Challenge Mode


Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Beat Aksis Challenge Mode

Aksis Challenge Mode – Destiny: Rise of Iron

Bungie has finally released the challenge mode for Aksis, the final boss of Destiny: Rise of Iron’s new raid, Wrath of the Machine. Like the Vosik challenge before it, the method is simple but it will require you to do things a bit differently.

As some of you Guardians may already know, there are red plates at the back of the area (opposite side of Aksis’ throne) that glow when players become empowered during phase two of the boss fight. If you slam on a glowing panel, it will actually supercharge every single player in the fireteam.

In order to complete the challenge, you’ll have to make sure to slam on one of those plates to supercharge the team during every single damage phase. That means every time the boss teleports you’ll have to hit a plate. Miss it once and you’ll have to start over. Do note that you must supercharge everyone prior to anyone actually stunning the boss. Once he’s stunned, you can’t use the plates and will have to start over.

Position is key during this challenge, as being too far, or too slow will lead to wasted attempts on this large foe, dragging out the fight and losing precious opportunities to actually win. Also, this will be very difficult if players on your team start dying.

A good position for empowered players is to have those on the left and right side standing in the middle where they can cover the “pit” (the front center area right in front of Askis’ throne) while the middle player hangs back to help with the plates and stun the boss if he happens to spawn in that area.

With a bit of practice and coordination, you should find yourself emerging victorious in no time.

Good luck, Guardians.

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