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7 Criminally Underrated PS4 Games You Should Go Back To


7 Criminally Underrated PS4 Games You Should Go Back To

Lot of potential under these clouds.



Knack was one of the very first games you could purchase on the PS4. It was directed by Mark Cerney, a veteran of games development and the lead architect for the console. If anyone was going to be able to put the latest hardware through its paces, it was going to be him, or so people thought.

Instead of going for some over-the-top gaming experience with every single bell and whistle you can imagine, Knack consisted of solid visuals but simple gameplay that anyone could get into. It was reminiscent of classic brawlers and platformers, giving players a simple combat system, locked cameras, and tricky puzzles. However, while it appeared overly simple on the surface, this wasn’t an easy ride. The game gets pretty tough,offering something for challenge-seeking fans, but co-op allows players to get some help.

Granted, it’s not the best game on the PS4, but it is one that is worth adding to any collection to play between the huge blockbuster releases. Knack oozes heart and charm in a world where flash and explosions sell games, and that’s something that is supremely underrated. 

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