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Confirmed: Mass Effect Andromeda Will Have Turians

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Confirmed: Mass Effect Andromeda Will Have Turians

Space bae confirmed.

The Mass Effect Andromeda news just keeps on coming from N7 Day. In addition to the kickass new trailers, Bioware confirmed that the Turians would indeed return for the next entry in the series on Twitter, courtesy of lead designer Ian Frazier.

The Turians are one of the most important races in the Mass Effect universe. Along with the Salarians and Asari (both of whom were already confirmed for Andromeda), they hold a seat on the Galactic Council. Longtime fans know the species because of heroes like Garrus Vakarian and Nyreen Kandros, in addition to the original game’s lead villain, Saren. While no Turians have been seen in any footage of Mass Effect Andromeda, it’s likely that they’ll be back as a squad mate for Ryder to recruit. But if you’re expecting them to sing, well…leave that to the Salarians.

Mass Effect Andromeda comes to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC spring of next year.

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