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CoD Infinite Warfare: Multiplayer Tips For Beginners


CoD Infinite Warfare: Multiplayer Tips For Beginners

Combat Rig

Battlefield 1

One of the new features in Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer is its Combat Rigs. These are essentially preset classes that you must base your weapon loadout on. Each one has a unique trait and payload which are moves or abilities directly related to their strengths. Each one also plays into a typical Call of Duty playstyle, so finding the one that matches the way you play is essential.

If you’re an all-round fighter who enjoys taking enemies down in a variety of different scenarios, then the Warfighter is for you. Alternatively, the Merc class is all about heavy defense and suppressive fire, perfect for supporting your fellow players in an all-out assault scenario.

Not only is it important to ensure your Combat Rig suits your style of play, but you should be making sure you’ve got a good balance with your teammates if you’re going to be playing together a lot. The Combat Rigs have been balanced so that not only do they all counter one another effectively, but they can all support each other when on the same team. Don’t just discard this as a redundant feature, it could help you edge a win against the opposition.

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