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CoD Infinite Warfare: How to Get Supply Drops and What They Do


CoD Infinite Warfare: How to Get Supply Drops and What They Do

Supply Drops – Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Supply Drops are important if you want to get some of the best Prototype Weapons, Combat Rig items, and customization items in Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer.

These are essentially crates that you can purchase in the game that will contain some of the aforementioned items. These can then be used in your multiplayer loadouts. However, to get them, you’ll need to get yourself some Keys.

Keys can be earned by playing in any Public Match on Infinite Warfare. The game mode you play doesn’t matter. Once you’ve got either 10 or 30 Keys, you can go to the Quartermaster option in the multiplayer menu and use these to get either a Common Supply Drop for 10 or a Rare Supply Drop for 30.

Much like other games that have skins and customization items, each item will have a different rarity level. The rarer the item is, the cooler you’re gonna look reppin’ it on the battlefield. If you end up with a duplicate item, you can always recycle these for Salvage which can then be used to craft new Prototype Weapons in the Armory.

This is the main difference between the Common and Rare Supply Drops. A Rare drop will grab you one rare item or better, an increased chance of Legendary and Epic items, and bonus Salvage. The Common drop, on the other hand, will have no guarantees.

That’s all there is to Supply Drops in Infinite Warfare. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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