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CoD Infinite Warfare: How to Get a Nuke, or De-Atomizer Strike


CoD Infinite Warfare: How to Get a Nuke, or De-Atomizer Strike

Nuke – Infinite Warfare

While Infinite Warfare brings tons of new scorestreaks, it sees the return of the classic Nuke killstreak. Now, the nuke won’t be obtained like any other scorestreak, as Infinity Ward changed up the method for getting one of the best streaks in the game. The Nuke has both a new name and new way to obtain it, so here’s everything you’ll need to know about getting a nuke in Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer.

You will need to have one of three guns in order to get a Nuke. The three guns are the NV4- Fallout (Legendary), Mauler- Ruin (Legendary) and the EBR-800- Purge. Once you have one of these weapons, you will need to head into a multiplayer match and try to get an impressive 25 killstreak. Once you get this large killstreak, you will be able to get the De-Atomizer Strike that will kill everyone on the opposing team and end the match early. It is most definitely a hard objective to complete, but one that is worth it in the end.

That’s everything you need to know about the Nuke in Infinite Warfare. For more coverage, be sure to stay right here at Twinfinite for the latest guides, tips, and wikis.

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