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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: How to Reload Your Weapons


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: How to Reload Your Weapons

The basics of warfare!

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Reloading Weapons

No matter how good of a space soldier you are, you will eventually need to reload your weapon in Infinite Warfare. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you’re surrounded by enemies, and you try to pull the trigger only to find out that you’re fresh out of bullets. Reloading during downtime can save your life.

To reload your weapon in the game, simply tap the square button (or the X button if you’re on Xbox One) and your character will quickly swap out the empty magazine for a new one. This will work with all weapons, but of course, do keep in mind that you can only reload your weapons if you have spare ammunition. While the reloading process is relatively quick for Assault Rifles and other smaller firearms, you might need an extra second or two to fully reload your heavier weapons. Keep this in mind when you’re spraying bullets everywhere, and don’t forget to hit that handy reload button whenever you have a moment to spare.

Now that you know how to reload your weapons in Infinite Warfare, enemies are sure to have a much harder time catching you with an empty gun! Be sure to check back with Twinfinite for more tips, tricks, and information on the game.

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