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Blizzard Has No Plans to Remaster Warcraft 1 or 2

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Blizzard Has No Plans to Remaster Warcraft 1 or 2

Sorry, but it ain’t happening. Yet.

One of the more disappointing news stories to come out of last week’s BlizzCon was the confirmation that Blizzard are not working on any remaster for the original Warcraft games, nor do they intend to for the foreseeable future.

In a Q&A at the 25th Anniversary Panel last weekend, Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce put the nail in the coffin for any hopes of such a re-release.

Eurogamer transcribed Pearce’s response to a question from a Blizzard fan by the name of Jack, who directly asked him about the prospect of Warcraft remasters.

“We have limited resources with everything that we choose to do,” replied Pearce, stating that the team “would much rather work on amazing content for World of Warcraft for you guys, or for Overwatch, or evaluating what a future project pipeline might be and devote our time to that, rather than going back and digging up those fossils.”

Just after Pearce had made his spiel, however, Blizzard’s sitting President Mike Morhaime was quick to jump in with the brief disclosure “At this time!”, suggesting that perhaps these remasters aren’t completely out of the question.

Of course, Blizzard did announce their plans to recreate the original Diablo campaign within Diablo III, so at least fans of the studio can look forward to this quasi-remaster next year.



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