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Blizzard Hiring Staff for Unannounced First-Person Project


Blizzard Hiring Staff for Unannounced First-Person Project

Is the studio working on a new shooter or just new Overwatch content?

If its current job openings are any indication, Blizzard is working on an unannounced first-person title. As was reported by Game Informer, the studio is currently looking for talent “to work on an unannounced project that utilizes a robust first-person engine.”

For help on the project, Blizzard is looking to hire lead software engineers for tools and the game’s engine. The studio is hoping to find developers with experience “working on first-person or other action-oriented games.”

Little else is revealed about the unannounced game in question other than that it is being planned for release “across multiple platforms.” Blizzard does not call out any of those platforms by name.

Blizzard released first-person shooter Overwatch, its first foray into the genre, earlier this year to critical and commercial success. It’s not clear whether or not the new job openings are related to some unannounced Overwatch content or an entirely new game.

If it is a new game, there is still no guarantee that it will ever materialize as a released product. Overwatch itself was famously built on the salvageable remnants of Project Titan, a canceled MMORPG that Blizzard scrapped after what’s believed to have been seven years of work.

Titan wasn’t the first high-profile Blizzard project to be axed after years of work, either. StarCraft: Ghost was announced in 2002 and made various media and trade show appearances before being put on “indefinite hold in 2005.” Ghost was finally confirmed as having been canceled for good in 2014.


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