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Blizzard Explains Why Diablo III’s Necromancer and Witch Doctor Are Totally Different

Diablo III

Blizzard Explains Why Diablo III’s Necromancer and Witch Doctor Are Totally Different

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One of the biggest worries  Diablo III fans have had up until this point is that the Witch Doctor class had essentially taken the spot for the Necromancer. This was because the Witch Doctor is known for utilizing pets and the undead, which is largely what the Necromancer was considered. Thankfully, Diablo III’s development team took to the stage at BlizzCon to dismiss this notion by showcasing the various differences between these two champions.

Blizzard broke down side by side the differences between the two, making sure to emphasize that the Witch Doctor is a passive pet class. What this means is that you only need to summon your pets and then they will randomly target enemies without any input. With the Necromancer your skills are classified as “Active/Passive” which means that when you equip an ability you’ll instantly get that pet. However, you can then use the active part of the skill and select targets for them to attack.

This gives the Necromancer the ability to not only buff up his pets but allows him far more control than the Witch Doctor. His energy called Essence also regenerates far slower than the Witch Doctor’s Mana making his pets far more valuable. Blizzard also explained that the Necromancer is built around darker themes and concepts than his slightly more lighter hearted counterpart.

For those looking to get back into Diablo III, the Necromancer may be a great jumping off point due to his unique abilities and skills.

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