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Blaster Master Zero Coming to Nintendo 3DS Next Year


Blaster Master Zero Coming to Nintendo 3DS Next Year

Back to the past to blast with the master.

There are numerous titles from the glorious days of 8-bit and beyond that have had a massive influence on gaming today. Some obvious contenders stand out from others, such as Super Mario Bros in which the italian plumber protagonist still churns out title after title year on year, Contra and Castlevania which had a huge influence on the recent release of Axiom Verge, amongst others.

One of the games in that particular mix was the run and gun video game Blaster Master. Those of you familiar with the game will be receiving a blast from the past come 2017, when Blaster Master makes a barnstorming return in the form of Blaster Master Zero on Nintendo 3DS.

Announced by Inti Creates at the 20th Anniversary Fan Fest, Blaster Master Zero will make its way to the Nintendo handheld console after Inti Creates acquired the rights and started to work on a revamp of the game, with plans to bring in additional content already in place such as new levels, bosses and much more.


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