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4 Big Microsoft Mistakes That Hurt the Xbox This Generation


4 Big Microsoft Mistakes That Hurt the Xbox This Generation

Things have been rough.

What’s In a Name?

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The Xbox One is Microsoft’s third home gaming console. You may not have been able to tell that if you’re new to gaming. Thankfully, the name actually makes perfect sense when explained, but that doesn’t mean it makes decisions easy for customers. Sony, Microsoft’s primary console competition this generation, released the PlayStation 4, a simple name that may not sound all too creative but it gets a point across. This is the fourth, newest version of their hardware and version 4 is always better than version One, right?

If you were going to buy something and you wanted the newest, most state of the art experience, which would you go for? Numbers are used to denote better versions of items for many different types of products, from cars, to graphics cards, even to televisions. Microsoft’s console may be all-encompassing, hence the One in its name, but it was a bit of a hurdle to get around.

Thankfully, the company eventually did and the console is currently starting to make a dent in the competition. 

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