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Top 4 Best Indie Games of October 2016


Top 4 Best Indie Games of October 2016

Great titles from smaller studios.

Oh… Sir! The Insult Simulator

oh sir choosing insults

Chances are you’ve taken one look at the title of this indie game and are incredibly confused exactly how something like this would work. Well, it turns out that it’s actually pretty darn fun to play. You’re tasked with assembling witty insults from different strings of words and continuations to defeat your opponents. Just like a fighter… except with insults.

You can put your insulting skills to the test in both an offline tournament mode against AI, or head online and become the best potty-mouthed player the internet has ever seen. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Oh… Sir! giving it a four out of five. While the game isn’t particularly extensive, we felt it was “a blast to play if only to see how ridiculous and over-the-top your insults can become.” You can check out our full review here.

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