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The Best Elder Scrolls Games: All 8 Ranked


The Best Elder Scrolls Games: All 8 Ranked

Quests! Quests everywhere!

The Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire

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Battlespire released on PC back in 1997, one year after Daggerfall. You would reasonably expect that it would build upon its predecessors, offering yet another larger glimpse at the world of Tamriel, one where you could explore new caves, discover new wonders, and face off against unimaginable forces of evil. Unfortunately, your expectations would be smashed against a bug-laden wall as you found yourself advancing through seven levels of the one dungeon the game had to offer.

All could be forgiven if the story and questlines were up to snuff, but they weren’t. Sure, you got to go up against the God of Destruction himself, Mehrunes Dagon, one of the powerful Daedric princes who influences Tamriel, but even that couldn’t save this mess of a game. It is one of the most closed off entries in the entire series, riddled with glitches, and far from being the large adventure that The Elder Scrolls brings to mind.

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