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UK Players: You Can Grab Battleborn For Under £4


UK Players: You Can Grab Battleborn For Under £4

Let the deals begin

On ShopTo, Battleborn is available for the staggeringly low price of £3.85; that’s down from an RRP price of £54.99.

The team shooter, which released in May of this year – the same time as Overwatch – has struggled to achieve strong sales, or any kind of leg-up in the shooter space. The £3.85 price tag is pretty startling, but perhaps not overly surprising.

Gearbox has done well to support the game, with regular mission DLC and new characters, but strong competition and a crowded market haven’t allowed to Battleborn stand out. It has also been dicounted regularly in various sales across the different platforms.

It’s faithful community of Players has been trying to inject some life into the game’s flagging sales by organising a Battleborn day for Nov. 12, just under two weeks ago.

There were earlier reports that Battleborn was going to be released as a free to play game, but these were denied by Gearbox head Randy Pitchford. Even if it was free to play, then you might still save money with this deal, given that the in game purchases could drive the price up.

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