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Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 4 Story Summary


Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 4 Story Summary

The story continues.

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Chapter One

Telltale Batman Episode Four

As a result of Bruce’s attack on Oswald Cobblepot at the press release for Bruce’s replacement as CEO of Wayne Enterprises in episode three, episode four kicks things off with Bruce now in Arkham Asylum. Waking in his cell, he finds his bed covered in blood, a jumpsuit on the chair, and a guard outside shouting at him to put some clothes on. Shortly after, the guard opens the door and lets two men in, taking a bunch of money off them for the privilege.

The two thugs want revenge for Thomas Wayne’s actions as a fraud and a crook and want to take it out on Bruce. After a bit of a beating, a familiar face appears and shames the two inmates for their “poor attempt of a welcome party” before beating them down and knocking them unconscious. A doctor comes in to find the two men unconscious on the floor and Joker trying to help Bruce up off the floor. The doctor says she expected trouble with Bruce’s arrival but didn’t think it’d start straight away. Sympathizing with Bruce, the doctor says she’ll make an effort to help keep him safe. As the three head out to give Bruce a tour of the rec room, he asks the Joker his real name. The doctor laughs and lets Bruce know that he’s never told anyone his real name and that they just call him John Doe.

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