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Amy Hennig’s New Game Won’t Be “Star Wars Uncharted”

Star Wars

Amy Hennig’s New Game Won’t Be “Star Wars Uncharted”

Plus, a new possible release window.

Amy Hennig, a veteran alumni of Naughty Dog now serving as the creative director for a new, untitled Star Wars project with Visceral Games (Dead Space trilogy, Battlefield Hardline), has stressed that the title will not be “Star Wars Uncharted”, even if it does feature elements that are “spiritually similar” to Naughty Dog’s acclaimed pulp adventure franchise.

In a recently published interview with Glixel, Hennig was scant to offer any more new details about the mysterious new title, but did mention that the experience was pitched to her as a “scrappy” third-person action adventure experience.

Back in her Naughty Dog days, Hennig worked on all four main Uncharted games, before leaving the studio midway through the development of Uncharted 4, which she also confirmed in the interview that she has not yet played.

Finally, the interview with Glixel mentions a 2018 release date for Hennig’s upcoming game, which has previously remained free of any launch windows.

Hennig’s game is one of several Star Wars games being developed by Electric Arts’ many studios, after the publisher bought the rights to the franchise back in 2013.


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